Falling Forward..


3 major holidays have come and gone since the last time I posted. Here’s a brief look at what my life was like…

Halloween was spooktacular! I went to a Halloween dinner and a party with friends. I went to FHE (Family Home Evening) with my missionaries (Sister Chandler & Sister Tanner).

For Thanksgiving, my brothers and their respective partners came over. It was not a pleasant and joyous occasion. SisterChandler & Sister Bergeson came over for dinner. They helped take out my extensions and we had a nice chat.

Christmas was 2 days ago, and it was the first time I realized how alone I am in this world. Yes, there are people who care about me, but they all have loved ones to spend their holidays with. Those of you whom I am referring to are reading this and thinking “Why didn’t you call?” “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know” “You’re always welcomed here, you know
that”. There is a difference between being invited because you’re wanted and showing up hoping that someone will let you in (or hoping that they will even have time for you).

Not to worry, this is not a self-pity post. In fact it is a post about how I learned how much our Father in Heaven loves us.


My ward had Christmas Sacrament and it gave me the boost I needed to avoid the self-pity train. My missionaries (Sister Bergeson & Sister Kennach) gave me the wrong time, so I ended up crashing another ward’s Sacrament. Typically, it’s not that big of a deal (the gospel is the same no matter where you go), but I walked in during the middle of someone sharing a heartfelt testimony. He stopped and looked up at me, which caused everyone else to turn and look at me. I was worried, but the speaker just continued sharing his testimony. I learned that it’s not about me and my circumstances, but it’s about Him and the price he paid so we can be here.

I’ve had the privilege to participate in Itzel’s lessons and on Sunday she asked me to participate in her baptism (I will be saying the closing prayer, and I’m super excited). In that moment I learned that my testimony has grown and it is MINE! I’m not leaning on someone else or building it on someone else. It may not be perfect, but it is mine.



It was then I learned that Heavenly Father knows each of us perfectly. He knows what we need and what or who the perfect vessel to help us.  He puts us in these situations at this particular time because we are ready to accept it. The only way to grow is to face our trials knowing that he will be there to catch us when/if we fall. When we are trying, no matter if we succeed or fail, we are moving forward.


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